These rules are intended to resolve issues regarding refunds or transfers of funds paid for our courses.
Making payment confirms the fact of agreement with these rules prescribed on the site, as well as internal rules regarding training on the platform.

1) This amount goes to pay for the platform and reserve a place for the student. We refuse to other applicants in the event that there are no more places for the stream.
2) A refund of the tuition fee is made minus 50%, which are charged for the student's reservation.
3) Refunds are made only for educational courses. Refunds for other services are not available.
4) A refund for tuition can be requested only within 7 calendar days after the start of the stream, provided that the student has watched module 0, which includes 1 video lesson. Otherwise, no refund is possible.
5) The reasons for the refund are:
1. Illness or health condition that prevents the passage
2. Force majeure (natural disasters, accidents, deaths of relatives, etc.)
6) Refunds for tuition are made within 14 working days after the approval of the refund request.
7) If the client has made a payment and he cannot start training, then the client can transfer the training to another person. The transfer is carried out only once. Once the transfer is confirmed, there is no refund.
9) If a student does not comply with the conditions and rules of the course, then we freeze his platform, after which he can continue his studies with the next stream by paying an additional amount in the amount of starting training for defrosting the platform. Freezing is possible only once.
10) Questions regarding the return / transfer of funds should be addressed to the company Daoside
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